Welcome to the Sunbury Masters Football Club

Sunbury Masters Football Club is part of the Vic Country AFL Masters competition. It is football for over 35's, and all about enjoying yourself and having fun.

We field an over 35's & an over 45's team.

There are 11 games for the season played from late March until August, so if you feel like having a kick then come along. Training is currently every Wednesday Night from 6pm at Clarke Oval Sunbury.

The games in the VCMAF league are promoted as "Footy for Fun". The rules are modified to reduce the risk of injury and games are played in great spirit. After the games both teams get together for a drink, chat about the games and hand out some awards, and not just to the best players.

A big focus on Masters Football is mens health, and for this reason we encourage any fellas out there wanting to get active to join our training sessions. There's no gut running or time trials, just a leisurely 90 minute session of rolling the legs over and having a kick of the Sherrin. Even if you don't want to play in the games you are more than welcome to just train.

Latest News:


We have now finished training for the year, however please stay tuned for the highly anticipated return to training date in 2021.

David "Buck" McPhee

The SMFC wish to extend our condolences to the family of David "Buck" McPhee, who has recently passed away.

Thoughts especially with Michelle at this time.

Buck was instrumental in getting the GV Giants up and running, was a former Vic Country board member and coached the Vic Country over 50's for a couple of years.

RIP Buck


For all of your enquiries please refer to our club contacts on the Committee page.